Door to Door Service China to GCC

Bring your Cargoes from any corner of China!

GALLOP SHIPPING offers fast, safe, reliable and cost effective delivery of your cargos through our Consolidated Shipping services from China to Qatar. We collect your cargo from each and every corner of China. Single or complex shipments of any sizes can be swiftly moved and can do customs clearance rapidly and onward delivery arranged including Custom Duty. We are providing end to end Lump sum rate services including Customs Duties for your Cargoes We strictly evaluate the commodity volume in order to confirm whether the commodity required a console movement method and which mode is cost effective or not? As a part of supporting our clients to reduce their movement cost, only then we do propose the movement through console mode. Mostly the less volume cargoes do prefer the console method as the single movement is a bit expensive rather than the console movement.

Carton, CBM & Container Based

gallop shipping

Our expertise also includes providing a comprehensive and tailor–made solutions to our customers which not only efficient but also reliable and affordable. We can offer you a Carton Based rate as well as Container Based rate to bring your Cargoes from anywhere in China & INDIA. Our strength lies in its ability to move Cost effectively and to handle all kind of country permitted cargoes to Qatar. We are always focused on our customer's requirements.

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